Rites of Passage

Why am I here?
Who am I?
What is my life purpose?

For thousands of years across hundreds of cultures human beings have sought-out ways to confirm and mark the significant transitions of life.  Whether it be a young man or woman who is put through a trial to mark adulthood or an elder seeking to acknowledge her new life-stage, rites of passage ceremonies of all kinds have proven to be an integral part of human existence across race, class, and creed.

The Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential declares the current lack of rites of passage is an urgent global problem. It says the absence of rites of passage leads to a serious breakdown in the process of maturing as a person (Grimes, 2002). Margaret Mead believed that our cultures loss of socially sanctioned rites of passage is a critical contributing factor to the various forms of social pathology we see today. Jack Kornfield (1996) describes a rite of passage as a forced journey through a rocky canyon so narrow that you can't take your baggage with you. Often rites are experienced as brushes with death. Throughout history, rites of passage can be seen in most primitive cultures and all religions.

Many researchers, scholars, and teachers have recognized that our culture is one of the few in history that does not incorporate rites of passage and that this has severe consequences (Christina Grof, 1993). These consequences are confirmed by therapists and other professionals who work with the emotional, psychological, and spiritual demands of people today.


Look Within.
In the darkness there is light.

Presently and in the past, human cultures have used a solo experience as an opportunity for individuals to discover their true calling, or to seek a vision that will guide their lives. The solo experience is an opportunity to personally honor what is at hand, and to refresh one's own life path. It is a chance to slow down and meet the ground beneath your feet, and from that place, to take an invigorating breath of life.  Come with your doubts, questions, and uncertainties, as well as your passions, curiosities, and stories.  Many come without knowing why.  Many come just for a chance to be in the wilderness, and for a reprieve from the fast-pace of their daily lives.  The solo experience is not static or strict.  It is a place for each individual to step towards whatever is most true for him or herself.

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